Buy Here, Pay Here Program

Buy Here, Pay Here - Peace of MindAt EZ Car Credit we understand and respect that some folks just feel more comfortable with this type of purchase. That's why we offer a Buy Here, Pay Here program, with fully reconditioned quality inspected vehicles that have warrentees. Usually these loans are for a shorter period of time, (2 years or less) and with a monthly payment of no more than $300 per month.

Downpayment requirements are more liberal and lender stipulations are less strict. The major difference from EZ Care Credit's Buy Here, Pay Here program compared to many Buy Here, Pay Here dealers is the quality of the vehicle, our dealership environment, the professionals and respect from our staff and the hassle-free peace of mind after the sale with a warranty.

You don't have to settle!

We place the same utmost respect and value for our customers as we do when we are lending their business. EZ Car Credit believes the purchase experience should continue after delivery well into their ownership by partnering with a vehicle repair facility that shares the same values and professionalism as we do. Buying your vehicle should be a happy moment. Driving trouble-free and knowing if you do have a problem. You have a dealer partnership that provides RESULTS and that gives us both a good feeling.

EZ Car Credit's success is not built on a one time sale, but a total vehicle relationship for years and the smiles on our customers' faces each time they make another purchase.

Call Mark at 727-329-8938 now to learn more about our Buy Here, Pay Here program, or to schedule an appointment to see how we can guarantee your credit approval in 10 minutes.